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Web Design

We pay meticulous attention to detail and apply Worldwide standards. We look beyond the appearance of the website and endeavour to ensure that maximum exposure is achieved and maintained. An appealing, effective, fast loading and accurate website, is one that achieves the best results.

- Usability

It's essential that your site is easy to navigate and simple to use. If your users and potential customers can't find what they want, this will undermine your site's performance in relation to  your business goals. We therefore workclosely with you to fine-tune the key functionality of your new website, to ensure that user journeys are simple, effective - and ultimately profitable for you.

- Accessibility

Making sure that your website is accessible, however complex it may be, is of vital imporance. KanDo will work closely with you to guarantee the right level of compliance is set for  you and your website's users.

- Creative Web Design

The creative concept of the site and it's visual design are the icing on the cake. They reinforce your site's functionality and ensure that its performance is maximized by compelling users to explore and engage with it. Creative design develops and reinforces your brand and conveys the overall tone of the website.

- Support and Maintenance

We offer website maintenance contract that means our clients can request updates to their website at any time. This may include simple text changes, design or adding additional complex functionality or tools to their websites.